Definition: Email marketing

Definition: Email marketing

Email marketing includes any email that was created for marketing purposes. In many studies where marketing managers were asked, email is cited as the best return on investment.

Most companies/people use email marketing to gain customer loyalty; (where a customer opts in and is now part of your loyalty program) and prospecting; (where a customer subscribed to a newsletter or they have given their permission to be contacted). You can read through your emails and see there are 2 types either they are relational, where you belong to their loyal club and they are informing you of upcoming events, sales, news; or they are transaction-oriented where they are promoting their newletter or sales where they want you to take action.

The other aspects of email marketing is called “pure prospecting email” (this is often confined to performance-based acquisition emails). Other types of email include; order-related service emails, processing of incoming emails and sponsorship/advertising solicitations on newsletters.

When email marketing first started, it was mainly to gain loyalty to a company or product. A company would achieve this by using newsletters, and distributing them to all the recipients that opted into their list. This method was less personalized and sent on a schedule. Since then, however, the uses of emails have evolved considerably and the strategies and campaigns of email marketing have become much more complex. The newsletter logic tends to fade in favor of the creation of individualized emails.

Among the elements contributing to this evolution, we have been able to pinpoint the following:
– developments in the use of marketing triggers and automated marketing 
– the development of conditional email scenarios 
– the management of customer/prospect life cycles
– the management of marketing pressure and priorities 
– the consideration of deliverability issues 
– the development of predictive marketing
– the evolution of customization techniques and practices 
– the use of behavioral segmentation
– the management of BtoB leads

Among the loyalty and activation email marketing practices, we can lump them into the following:
– service emails or transactional emails related to the purchase / order 
– welcome and welcome pack emails 
– periodic mailings (newsletter ) more or less personalized 
– reminders on abandonment and retargeting email 
– relational uses (email birthdays) 
– the practice of scenarios in emailing

It is impossible not to notice that the importance of the email marketing platform is often underestimated or diminished. Email Marketing represents a small part of the marketing budgets. The cause of this could be due to the low contact cost of email, however what is missing in this budget is the cost of the human investment which is often overlooked.

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