How To Make Money On Pinterest.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Get traffic to your blog or website with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine for buyers a lot of people think it’s a social media site but it’s actually a search engine. So the first thing you want to do is go to and set up a business profile.   When setting up a business profile make sure you think of something catchy like the name of your blog.   Since my blog is Massive Online Business, I set up a Pinterest account with Massive Online Business, you can connect with us here at  

Once you have it set up your Pinterest account, the next thing you’re going to do is make sure you claim your website, it is very important when you claim your website your website is connected to your business profile account.  One of the main things to not forget is grab the HTML code from your Pinterest account and make sure you put it into the head of your website.  Now your Pinterest account is ready to go.

So what is next? You want to create 10 to 20 boards with 10 to 20 pins each to fill in your profile.  

What should you name your boards?

Use the keywords from your blog.  Make sure whatever your topics are, you use those topics for your Pinterest.  For example if you have a topic called “make money online”, “how to get traffic from Instagram”, “how to write a blog”; then you want to make sure those topics are three different boards on your Pinterest.  The “pins” are going to be from other people’s high-traffic Pinterest accounts.   You also want to make sure you name one of your boards “best of your blog name” so in my Pinterest account, mine is the “best of massive online business” so every post that I do on my blog it’s going to connect over to Pinterest.   Before we go any further,  you want to have 10 to 20 boards let’s start with 10 boards but make sure one of them is a best of and the other nine boards are all your topics from your blogger website  You want to make sure you get 100 to 500 followers following you.  You want to make sure you connect with 20 people per day with someone in your Niche and then follow their followers as well.

Now, once you get a 100 to 500 followers you can apply to group boards.  The group boards is my secret weapon that you’re going to learn all about on how to take your traffic and literally explode it.  But for right now, we are just learning Logistics of getting the boards and getting accepted to the group boards.  Apply to 300 to 400 groups and you will get accepted to 50 to 100 boards.   Why do you want to get your pin on to a group board?  Your PIN links to your money page which is your main page on your blog.  This is the page that you want your traffic to go to.  By doing this, you’re going to experience viral traffic because people in the group will share your pins all over Pinterest!  Pinterest brings you viral traffic from all over with the viral advantages that it has over all the other platforms.

So let’s look at something.  Let’s say you post to 100 group boards once per day and a group board has over has an average of 10,000 people.  That’s a potential 10,000 people x 100 boards = that’s 1 million people per day reached for free!  And if they share with their followers, you get even more!!

What is the reason I’m doing this?  I’m getting shares of your Pinterest!  It’s getting me tons of shares with social signals,  and then my “money page links” or my offer gets lots of traffic from group boards.  Pinterest forces people to share your content, which basically forces you to get free targeted passive traffic!! 

Continue following me, to keep learning how to make money online, building a massive business like we do at M O B!

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