How To Start Affiliate Marketing.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

 I get asked many times how to start affiliate marketing. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I got to tell you it is not very hard but you have to follow the basics.

 I’m going to give you 6 steps right now to start your own affiliate business and start making money within 24-48 hours from today.

 1.  The first step is to purchase a domain, now I buy my domains from namesilo. Try not to spend more than $9 for a domain .Net .com doesn’t really matter.

2.  Now that you have a domain you need to have Hosting you can find hosting in many places for about  2.99 Maybe $4 per month. Once your domain is connected to your hosting all you have to do now is install WordPress which is free, and you can install it on any domain with any hosting.

3.  The next step is you need to have a landing page builder now there are lots of free ones that you can download as a plugin from wordpress. I will put my favorite link right here. The landing page is actually very simple to build so many people make this step very very complicated. At the bottom of this blog post, you will see my link to my landing page. The content that you will use for the landing page will be from the offer that you’ll be promoting from the affiliate program.

4.  Now the affiliate programs do not charge anything to get started and I will give you my favorite ones for getting started ClickBank ClickBank is probably one of my favorite it is not hard to get set up and get yourself a link to promote. You can earn commissions and have them deposited into your bank account it doesn’t get any better than that now my second-favorite is Warrior Plus this network has a lot of good vendors but you can only get paid into your Paypal account. Although there are tons of other affiliate programs out there like Amazon, Google AdSense Sharasale and many more. I do however recommend only starting with ClickBank and Warrior Plus.

5.  Autoresponder this is the next service that you will need it allows you to build an email list while promoting your affiliate offers my favorite is a AWeber.  This autoresponder has a free trial and will cost you under $20 per month. If you set it up through this link I will help you connect it properly. Get Aweber Here

6.  Now that you have completed the five steps above you are left with the final step which is traffic everyone struggles with this step because they get caught up with doing things that do not work they are terrified of paid traffic because they think it can get expensive I suggest starting with a $10 budget you can go to Fiverr and spend $10 and have somebody send out what’s called a solo AD, do not get caught up with all the free organic methods in the beginning because once you’re making money you can learn how to do SEO, content writing connecting your blog onto the search engines, etc.

The main reason people fail online is they get very confused and they start thinking way too much, they start buying instead of selling I have gone through it do not feel bad if you’ve gone through it too. Another reason they fail is they spend too much time learning and not enough time doing. Follow the steps and you will build a solid online business. The other reason I suggest doing paid traffic and not the organic methods first is it is easier to make money and then outsource the organic traffic.

Here is a direct link to my landing page

Once you click on that link it will go directly to an offer that I highly recommend from Warrior Plus. I have met the vendor that created this offer and I have to tell you his products are very good. You will then join my email list that you can opt out at any time but if you stay, I will send you emails from time to time giving you free training and connecting you to other offers that I would recommend.

Want to also watch the video as I show you the steps?

If there is anything I can do to help you get started on your new affiliate marketing venture feel free to reach out to me. 

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