Sponsored articles: 7 reasons to accept them on your blog

Sponsored articles: 7 reasons to accept them on your blog

Sponsored articles have real advantages for the brands, for example, in terms of influence marketing. Nowadays, many bloggers can generate revenue through their blog.

Brands, meanwhile, have the opportunity to boost their visibility on the internet. I n the field of blogging, monetizing articles is spreading more and more. The interest in this technique is growing, so it is wise to pay special attention to it to understand the benefits it presents. So what are the reasons to accept a sponsored article on your blog?


Monetize the audience of your blog while respecting it and not abandoning their user experience, all this seems to be a real challenge.  Well, sponsored articles turn out to be an exceptional way to meet this challenge.

In order to optimize requests for collaboration, you should not wait until you are approached.  If you want to make yourself visible, you have the opportunity to register on a specialized platform.


You have started and developed your blog alone, the years have passed and the topics have run out.  After long reflections, you have arrived at one and the same conclusion, you are struggling to renew yourself. Anyone feel this way? The quality blog post become impossible to maintain? What should you do? Leave your site abandoned? Decrease the volume or quality of publications? Well no, this is where the sponsored article comes to be the solution to your content problem.

By putting your requirements in advance, you will keep your hand on the quality level of articles as well as the topics covered. The best thing about all this is that your content problem will then be old history.


Practicing the publication of sponsored articles fits as a positive action for your SEO and the generation of additional income. Beyond this however, you will reach a level of legitimacy and credibility in the blogging world.

Brands will come naturally to you.  When you have made a partnership with an A brand, the brand B being its competitor will be very strongly tempted to approach you to convince you to collaborate with them.

Indeed, the more you achieve collaborations with brands the more you will gain notoriety.  Sharing a well-written sponsored article can only make your blog something to talk about and share.

What better way to offer you a wider audience and notoriety?


Suppose Google is a human being, he would have been one of those very picky people!  Knowing that nowadays, everyone is committed to improving its SEO, how do you stand out in the eyes of this search engine which is more and more demanding?

Well, the sponsored article can help you in your quest to improve your SEO!  Including links to other sites gives you a lot more credibility and it sends a very good signal to our friend Google.

Therefore, the search engine is able to prioritize your site relative to your competition or not, everything will depend on the efforts you provide. 

Now you know, maybe, why your competition distances you in the search results.


Over time, you have developed a community loyal to your blog.  This confidence that it brings you is the fruit of a hard work and quality.

Nevertheless, within this audience, there is a plurality of profiles and therefore problems that you must try to answer on a daily basis.

Restricting to your own perimeter by not opening the door to other sources of information turns out to be detrimental.

Opting for the publication of sponsored articles will allow you to cover a wider field of subject and thread, to answer the most problems of your readership.


The misuse of classic forms of advertising such as pop-ups and banners led to the development of the Banner blindness.  This concept, now largely in the majority of Internet users, is the fact of consciously ignoring any banners appearing on the screen.

Few bloggers are unaware of the inefficiency of web banners, especially with the development of multi-device ad-blockers. Therefore it is necessary to find income-generating alternatives.

It is in the sponsored article that most bloggers find an answer to their needs.  From another point of view, it is then possible to better target an audience and to provide relevant answers to topics of interest.


One thing that differentiates you from your competition is the fact that they have incorporated influence marketing into their strategy.  In particular, opting for sponsored articles.

By using this, your competitors will quietly increase their notoriety and increase the distance from you little by little. It is in this sense that the sponsored article becomes a must for anyone wishing to continue in the field of blogging. Not to propose one can simply be limited to restricting one’s market.

If you do not accept them yet on your blog, it’s never too late to correct this and give them a shot! And as a bonus, you will generate, almost immediately, additional income.

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