Top 10 ideas and tips for making money on the internet

Top 10 ideas and tips for making money on the internet

This is the issue, you need extra money, so why not use what you have readily available? Especially today, there are a lot of sites and web services to allow you to earn “easily” a few dollars, in pajamas in front of your TV. To avoid scams, we are listing a few ways to make money online. This list is not exhaustive, but are some of our favorite solutions:

1. Give advice, respond to surveys, do consumer tests

Share your opinion about brands or products and win gifts, gift certificates or even cash.  Not enough to go to the Bahamas in two months, but it can give a nice boost to your mad money.

2. Become a mystery shopper

We give you missions (store purchase, plane ride, etc …) and we pay you for you to give your opinion on your experience.  In addition, you will have the thrill of being a secret agent.

3. Play small free games online

To win (not much) while having fun , it is possible.  It will remind you of the good old days of flash cards and Prizee (which has now abandoned its site to become 100% on iOS and Android smartphone app)

4. Play contests

100% of the winners have tried their luck.  And they had fun too. Still, it’s possible to win contests when you enter several contests a day. Tip: Create a mailbox dedicated to contests/games to avoid receiving too much spam in your email.

5. Play poker or casino games

Beware of the addiction! It’s not bullshit huh, games can be fun but also become a nightmare for the weakest of us. So we go easy. The goal is to make money, not lose money.

6. Sports betting

Ditto, beware of the addiction! You can take advantage of welcome offers that are often interesting, and choose ceilings that will save you from putting too much money on the site.

7. Play lotto and other games of chance

We do not need to tell you, that this is not the most reliable way to make money. To be part of the big winners, you still have to have horseshoes up your butt.

8. Take advantage of cashback offers

The cashback offer’s purpose is to get back a percentage of your cash purchases (between 1% and 5% in general). You buy your usual products, and you get a refund. Pretty practical.

9. Use price comparisons

Before buying on the internet, remember to check that there is no cheaper price elsewhere.

10. Use coupons and coupon codes

Before paying, remember to check if there are any coupon codes to reduce your bill. Be careful, it’s rarely compatible with cashback offers.

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